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iCondo eAGM!

We are excited and pleased to announce that we conduct iCondo electronic Annual General Meetings (eAGM)!

an extension to the iCondo ecosystem
allowing MCSTs to conduct AGMs electronically and securely.

iCondo eAGM platform has been designed in accordance to the Guidelines on Convening of General Meeting via Alternative Electronic Means, published by BCA on 27 April 2020.


verified attendance


linking of proxies and LOA


election of council members


instant calculation of results

...and many more!

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iCondo Moderator

An iCondo eAGM moderator will be present throughout the eAGM so that the Managing Agent and Council can conduct the meeting with confidence and ease.

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our features include..

Quorum Check
Voting Control
No of Members
Edit on the go

The moderator can check for quorum instantly
Resolutions will be pre-loaded during setup for presentation during eAGM
Start, last call and stop voting control
Obtain results instantly at the end of each voting round
Key in Owner’s Committee nominations on the platform
Key in number of Owner’s Committee members
Conduct owner’s committee election

Edit non-predetermined voting options and open ended resolutions on the go


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Electronic Voting for resolutions and council elections will be done in a secure manner via the iCondo app. The iCondo app is built natively for iOS and Android.

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The iCondo voting platform allows for sequential voting where each AGM Resolution is voted upon one at a time with results tallied published at the end of each voting round.

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