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Dear Resident,

Welcome to

iCondo VRMS!

We are excited and pleased to announce that we have implemented the iCondo Visitor and Resident Management

system (VRMS) in your estate.

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an extension to the iCondo

ecosystem allowing for inter-connectivity between residents, the guardhouse and the Management office.

All guests and visitors entering the estate will be registered electronically, doing away with paper registration.


register vehicle


notification of visitor’s arrival


invite guests


pre-register contractors

paperless and hassle-free

...and many more!

The iCondo VRMS system will replace the current vehicle IU system and allows for better tracking of visitors and expedites the visitor registration process at the guardhouse.

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Download iCondo!

Click on the buttons below to download iCondo and join the community!

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How to register your vehicle?

Follow the steps below to continue to register your vehicle. Alternatively, you may watch the video above.

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Wait for the management team to approve your account. Once the registration is approved, the barrier will now automatically open when your vehicle is at the guardhouse

You will be alerted of the arrival of guests and contractors via notifications on the iCondo app.

Kindly ensure that you have allowed iCondo app to send you push notifications. You may edit this permission in your phone notification settings.

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