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iCondo ACES!

We are excited and pleased to announce that we have implemented the iCondo Access Control
Electronic Solutions (ACES)!

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an extension to the iCondo ecosystem allowing for ease of access to your facilities, side gates and lift lobbies via your smart phone.

All guests and visitors will be able to be granted access via pre-registration and with the use of video call to your iCondo app.


access to the condominium


intercom to your smartphone


access to
facilities doors


pre-registration of guests

...and many more!

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What can iCondo ACES do?

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ACES is paperless and hassle-free

The iCondo Access Control Enterprise Solution will replace the need for you to reach for your access card to open access doors and allows for your guests to be pre-registered, making condominium living more seamless.

Facility Doors
Contactless door access control via iCondo app to all indoor and outdoor facilities doors

Lift Intercom
Side gate access control, video call and walk in visitor invitation

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Side Gate
Video call to iCondo app, no need for wired intercom or in-unit receiver

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