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1. Visitors and Contractors are to park their vehicles at designated visitors' parking lots subject to availability at all times. VISITOR'S PARKING LOTS NOS 86 - 96

2. Handicapped lot allocated is strictly meant for vehicle bearing Handicapped label only.

3. Parking at car washing bay, drop-off point, driveway or other non-designated area is not allowed.

4. All vehicles issued with this pass must leave the estate's compound by 12:00am midnight each day. NO overnight parking is allowed unless prior written notice has been given and written approval has been obtained from the Management.

5. Vehicle will be wheel clamped for non-compliance after one (1) written warning. The first and final written warning will have a 15 minutes grace period.

Wheel clamp release fee: $150.00 (inclusive of 7% GST). Administrative fee of $50.00 (inclusive of 7% GST) be levied per day, calculated from the day the vehicle was clamped. Wheel Clamp release fee is payable in CASH only.

7. If your vehicle is wheel clamped, please contact the Management Office at Tel. 6369 9539 (during office hours) and the Security Guard House at Tel.
6369 9412 (after office hours).

8. Vehicles parked within the estate are at owner's own risk. The Management will not be held responsible / liable for any loss, theft, vandalism, misdemeanor or any other damages caused to vehicle and / or accessories and / or their contents herein.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4228

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