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1. Tower A & B visitors shall park at designated visitor lots behind Tower D2, Basement 1.

2. Tower C & D visitors shall park at designated visitor lots in front of Tower D1 & D2 Basement 2.

3. Visitors who did not parked at the designated Visitor Parking lot area will be considered illegal and their wheel will be clamped.

4. No overnight parking from 0001hrs to 0700hrs before approval from Management of Waterfront Isle.

5. Parking on handicapped lot is not allowed without handicap parking label.

6. Parking along the driveway. non-parking lots and at drop off/pickup porch are not allowed.

7. The Management of Waterfront Isle shall have the discretion to require visitor(s) to move their vehicle(s) immediately out of the development.

8. The Management of Waterfront Isle accepts no liability and/or responsibility in respect of any theft and/or loss and/or damage to vehicles parked within the premises of Waterfront Isle. All vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

9. The Management reserves the rights to change or amend the rules and regulations as and when deemed necessary.

10. By providing your personal data, you agree that we may collect, use and disclose such information for security and monitoring purposes.

11. Visitors who do not comply with the car parking house rules may be denied entry into the Estate.


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