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Terms and Conditions:


  1. Please park your vehicle at the basement carpark designated white lots only.

  2. No overnight parking is allowed in this estate unless prior approval is obtained from the Management Office.

  3. Vehicle parked in this condominium is at the owner's risk. The management shall not be responsible for loss, theft, damage or accept any liabilities or claims arising thereof.

  4. Vehicle's not appropriately parked or parked in a non-designated lot will be wheel-clamped. A wheel-clamp release fee of $107.00 (include GST) in cash will be imposed for the vehicle's release.

  5. Additional charge of $53.50 (include GST) in cash will be imposed for each day the motor vehicle's wheel remain immobilised.

  6. In the event of emergency please proceed to the Guardhouse at the main entrance for assistance.

  7. I consent to the collection of my personal data for the above.

The MCST Plan No. 4309

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