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Dear Sir / Madam (visitors to The Amore)

  1. Visitors are to park at the visitor’s parking lots. These parking lots are located on the surface and not within the basement carpark. Overnight parking (ie. beyond 12.00am), without the permission from the Management, is not allowed and constitutes unauthorised parking.

  2. Motorists shall obey traffic directions and signs. Vehicles are not to be parked on the driveway, non-parking lots and/or disabled / accessible parking lots, unless the motorists have the authorised car decal for disabled drivers or passengers

  3. Motorists shall take reasonable care whilst driving their vehicles in the compound of The Amore.

  4. The Management reserves the right to implement wheel clamping measures against offenders for unauthorised and indiscriminate Parking of vehicles. The fee for releasing a wheel clamp is S$107/- in cash (inclusive of GST), per day till the day the wheel clamp is released, for any request to release the wheel-clamp

  5. All vehicles are parked in the premises at the owner's risk and the Management undertakes no responsibility and shall not be liable in any matters whatsoever for any misdemeanour, loss or damage to any vehicle, it’s accessories or to the contents therein.

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