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Your vehicle is permitted to park at any YELLOW LOTS at Level 3 – 5 of the Multi-Storey Car Park ONLY. No unauthorized parking in Handicapped Lots.

All vehicles parked in the condominium are at the vehicle owners’ risk. The Management shall not be held responsible or liable for any vandalism, theft, loss, damage and action proceeding claims, suits, or other misdemeanor caused to vehicles and/ or their contents.

The owner/driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for any damages caused to the common property and shall bear all costs incurred by the Management for making good the common property.

The Management may make such rules as may be deemed necessary, as well as to amend, add or delete such at any time without notice, to regulate the use and parking of vehicle in the condominium. 

Vehicles found without valid registration or parked indiscriminately or outside a demarcated parking space or at non-designated parking areas (including handicap lots) will be wheel-clamped.

Wheel-Clamping Fees:
Violation Notice will be issued and placed onto the vehicle windscreen. After a 15 minute grace period, the vehicle will be clamped without further notice. Wheel Clamp will be released upon payment of an administrative fee of SGD$ 150.00 (including GST). This fee is for the one (1) day or part thereof of parking. An additional fee of SGD$ 50.00 (including GST) will be charged for every additional day of parking.
Payment accepted only in Cash and shall be made to the Management Office during Office Hours or at the Guardhouse after Office Hours. Upon payment, wheel clamp will be removed.

NO OVERNIGHT PARKING without prior written approval from the Management.


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