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1. Please park only at a designated VISITOR LOT.2.

2. Visitor lots are available near these Blocks: 180, 184, 194, 202, 208, 214, 226

3. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING is allowed for visitor without prior notification from resident to the Management Corporation, subject to approval.

4. Vehicles parked at non-designated lots or at Residents' lots will be wheel clamped without further notice.

5. An admin fee of $250 (subject to GST) will be imposed for release of the clamp.

6. An additional fee of $250 per day (subject to GST) will be charged if the vehicle remains clamped within the next 24 hours (from the time of infringement).

7. Visitor's vehicles are parked entirely at their own risk. The Management shall not be in anyway whatsoever and however liable for any theft, damage and loss direct, consequential or otherwise caused to the said vehicles while parked in the estate.

8. The Management shall not be liable for any damages or whatsoever caused to any vehicle immobilized by its agents or anyone so authorized from the breach of the "Residents' Handbook", "House rules" and "By-laws" of the estate.

9. By providing the personal information in this form, you consent to the Management and its authorized representatives and Managing Agent the collection, use and disclosure of the information within the context of this pass.

By Order
The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4120

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