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Parking Terms and Conditions:

1. Please park your vehicle at BASEMENT LEVEL of the Multi-Storey Car Park ONLY.
2. STRICTLY NO PARKING IN HANDICAP LOTS unless your vehicle bears the SG ENABLE / relevant label.
3. STRICTLY NO OVER-NIGHT PARKING (BEYOND MIDNIGHT) unless prior approval had been obtained from the Management.
4. Please park your vehicle properly in ONE (1) designated car parking lot.
5. VEHICLE WILL BE WHEEL-CLAMPED FOR FLOUTING THE ABOVE. (Unclamping of the vehicle will be subject to an administrative release fee of $200.00)
6. All vehicles parked in The Clement Canopy will be at the owner's risk. The Management shall not be held liable for any theft, damage, or any other misdemeanor caused to the vehicles and/or their contents.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4698

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