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• This parking pass is valid for ONE (1) ENTRY only.

• Visitors' vehicles are permitted to park at the

• Vehicle parked in the estate without proper label, or/and indiscriminately will be wheel-clamped. An administration fee of
S$100.00/S$150.00 per day and a release fee of S$100.00/S$150.00 will be levied for releasing of wheel clamp. Fees payable are subjected to GST.

• Visitors' vehicles are not permitted to park overnight without prior written approval from the Management.

• All vehicles parked in the estate will be at the respective vehicle owners' risk.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No.980

By providing your personal data, you agree and give consent to MCST 980, its employees and/or its duly authorized agents to collect, use and/or disclose the personal data for any and/or all of the above stated purpose(s). If I am providing information on behalf of someone else, I declare and warrant that I have informed the individual about the purpose(s) for the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data and have obtained the said individual's clear and unambiguous consent for such collection, use and/ or disclosure.

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