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Parking Terms and Conditions: 

1. No overnight parking is allowed unless prior approval has been obtained from the Management.

2. Kindly park your vehicle in the
designated Visitor's parking lots in Basement 2 car park.

3. All vehicles parked in the premises are at your own risk and the Management accepts no responsibility whatsoever and shall not be liable for any misdemeanor, loss or damage to any motor vehicles, its accessories or contents therein.

4. The owner or driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for any damages caused to the common property and shall bear all costs incurred to the Management and to make good the damages.

5. By providing your personal data for the purpose of this entry, you agree and consent to the Management to collect, use and disclose the information for security and audit purposes. You have further consented that the Management is entitled to provide your personal data to any relevant authorities upon request made under relevant Statutory Act or Regulations.

By Order
The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4663

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