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Wheel Clamp Release Administrative Fee

Per incident (inclusive of 8% GST): $216.00

r day vehicle remains clamped: $32.40

Please note the following rules for vehicle management in the estate.

  • Visitor MUST park at white parking lots located at the Basement Carpark Only.

  • No Overnight Parking is allowed except with written approval from the Management Office.

  • Vehicles are to keep to the speed limit of 15km/h and traffic directional arrows must be strictly abided to.

  • If your vehicle has been wheel-clamped, kindly contact the Management Office at 6262 4061 (during office hours) or our Guardhouse at 6262 2101 (after office hours).

  • Vehicles are parked at own risk and the Management accepts no liability for any losses, damages or misdemeanor to vehicles within the estate.

  • Vehicle with their wheel clamped will only be released after Security or Management personnel have received the required administrative fees in full for any, or a combination, of the following violations:

  • Failure to park vehicle in white colored visitor parking lot, located in the basement carpark only.

  • Parking in an indiscriminate manner that may cause obstruction to drivers and/or pedestrians.

  • Overnight parking without prior written approval from the Management Office.

By Order: MCST 4475

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