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1. Visitors must park at the designated visitor parking lots at B1 only.

2. No reservation of any parking lot is permitted.

3. No vehicles should be parked indiscriminately along the driveway or at any non-designated areas (e.g. in front of switch room and lift lobby etc.) and across two parking lots.

4. All vehicles are to park in an orderly manner within the parking lots marked and to observe the flow of traffic according to the directional arrows within the carpark areas.

5. Repairs or overhauls of vehicles are not allowed in the common property except in the event of a breakdown.

6. All charges incurred by the Management including any towing charges and incidental costs and expenses shall be borne by the owner/driver of the vehicle and/or the Resident.

7. The Management reserves the right and in its sole discretion, to prevent and prohibit Residents who breach the House Rules from driving or parking their vehicles in the Estate.

8. The Management undertakes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft or any misdemeanour caused in any way to any vehicle, equipment or the contents or fittings of any vehicle whilst the vehicles are entering, exiting, within or parked in the car park.

9. All vehicles are parked entirely at the owners’ risk. All persons and vehicles within the car park enter entirely at the risk of such person and/or the motorist.

10. Persons entering the carpark who cause damage or loss to any structure, equipment and the like in the car park area shall be solely responsible for any such damage or loss caused.

11. Heavy vehicles such as cranes, road tanker, container, trailer, etc will not be allowed to park in the Estate car park without prior written approval from the Management.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4586

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