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  1. You shall ensure that no damage is caused to the fittings and fixtures in the car park and shall be liable for any damage caused by you.

  2. Your vehicle is parked at your own risk. The Management shall not be responsible for any damage and loss suffered while the vehicle is parked at the parking lot.

  3. The management shall be at liberty to add new clauses or amend existing ones as and when necessary.

  4. No major repair or servicing may be made to any vehicle parked in the Estate. A major repair includes but not limited to a repair that involves excessive noise or spillage.

  5. Vehicles such as lorries, buses, cranes, road tankers, container, trailer and any other heavy vehicles are not allowed to park in the Estate without the written approval of the Management.

  6. Vehicles and machinery such as forklift, boom lift, generator, welding machine, air compressor, lifting equipment, container etc., will not be allowed entry into the Estate unless prior written approval of the Management is obtained.

  7. Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles shall be parked at designated locations only.

  8. The Management or its authorized Agents may without notice cause any vehicle within the Estate to be towed away and / or clamped down for the following parking offences:
    a) in consequence of which bona fide guests were denied parking lots
    b) parked in lots other than a designated lot
    c) parked without a valid car parking label
    d) parked without displaying the valid visitors’ parking advice chit(for visitor’s vehicles)
    e) parked in the area not drawn as parking lots
    f) parked without the requisite written authorization of the Management
    g) not in compliance with the terms stated in the By-Laws of Regency Park

  9. The Management reserves the right and its sole discretion, to prevent Guests who breach the rules, from driving or parking their vehicles in the Estate.

  10. The owner / driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for any damage caused to the common property as a result of a breach of rules shall bear all costs incurred by the Management for making good the common property.

  11. The Management shall make such rules as may be deemed necessary, as well as to amend, add or delete such at any time without notice, to regulate the use and parking of vehicles in the Estate.

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