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  1. All visitors’ vehicles entering the car park shall report to the Security Office. Security staff will verify with the Resident concerned that he/she is a genuine visitor before allowing the visitor’s vehicle to proceed to the 5th storey car park that is designated for Visitors’ parking. Visitors shall not park on the 2nd to 4th storeys of the Condominium. If the Resident concerned is not at home or did not give prior notice to Security of the visitor’s impeding visit, Security shall be permitted to deny entry to the visitor.

  2. Entry into the car park and parking within the car park of the development for all vehicles shall be at the absolute discretion of the Management and subject to the rules herein and such other terms determined by the Management from time to time.

  3. The Management reserves their right to impose charges on visitors for the parking of their vehicles within the car park as it deems necessary.

  4. Vehicles parked within the car park are at the sole risk of the owners or Residents, and the Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

  5. Heavy vehicles exceeding 3,500kg in maximum laden weight are not allowed to park at 2nd to 5th storey.

  6. Repair or servicing of cars, storage or repair works by the Residents or their visitors is not permitted in the car park or anywhere in the common area.

  7. No vehicle should be parked indiscriminately along the driveways or at any non-designated areas (e.g. in front of switch room and lift lobby etc.) or across two lots.

  8. Visitors’ vehicles are not permitted to park overnight within the development unless prior written notice has been given and written approval has been obtained from the Management

  9. The Management shall have the right and may at its absolute discretion immobilize by use of wheel-clamps or remove by use of tow trucks, any vehicle found parked within non-designated areas or any vehicle found parked in an indiscriminate or inconsiderate manner within the car park or visitor’s vehicle parked in non-designated car parks, or unauthorised vehicle found in the car park.

  10. The owner / driver of a vehicle that has been immobilized / removed shall without dispute, pay all charges incurred by the Management, including an administrative fee of $100, towing charges, incidental costs and expenses. The Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to the vehicle which has been wheel-clamped / removed or the contents therein.

  11. The Management shall have the right to amend, add or delete any rules at any time as it deems fit, to regulate the use of the car park and parking of vehicles.

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