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1. Visitors' vehicles are not to be parked overnight within the precincts of KERRISDALE unless prior written notice has been given and written approval has been obtained thereof from the Management.

2. Visitors' vehicles are parked entirely at their own risk the management shall not be liable for any lost or damage.

3. All registered vehicles must park at the designated visitor lots in basement or at driveways, failing which it will be WHEEL-CLAMPED. A fee of S$200.00 is payable to get the clamp released by the Management.

4. If the vehicle is parked with the wheel-clamped overnight or for more than one (1) day, the wheel-clamp shall only be removed on payment of a surcharge of S$30.00 per day in addition to the foresaid payment.

5. The fee shall be payable to the "MCST 3130" and shall be received by its authorised representative or appointed agents.

6. The Management shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever caused to any vehicle immobilised by its agents or anyone so authorised arising from the breach of the By-laws stated herein.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 3130

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