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Terms and Conditions: 

1. Visitors will be directed by our security personnel to park at designated lots (01 to 40), as illustrated below:


2. Entry pass shall valid only for the date of issue & expires at 11pm on that day.

3. Visitors vehicles parked in residents parking zoned areas in Gardenvista or any other areas within the estate will be considered as unauthorized parking.

4. Other areas, where parking is not allowed or authorized are the zones described below:

Fire Engine Access, Drop-off Points at all lift lobbies, Driveway, Handicapped parking areas, Refuse center

5. Not withstanding the above, in a situation when the Residents / Guests persist in parking their vehicles in an unauthorized place despite notifications / warnings served, the Management shall be empowered to clamp the vehicle immediately and without further notification.

6. The Management Corporation is empowered to clamp any Residents / Guests vehicle found parked in an unauthorized place. Vehicle shall only be subject to release, upon receipt of full payment of $200.00 (subject to GST).

7. A daily fee of $20.00 (subject to GST) per day if the wheel-clamp remained the next day and subsequent days , capped at $500.00 (subject to GST).

8. Vehicles will be wheel-clamped for non-compliance with the Estates Car park Rules and Regulations.

9. All vehicles parked in the premises are parked at the owner's risk. The management shall not be responsible for any theft, damage, or other misdemeanour however caused to the vehicle and/or its contents.

By Order
The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 3248

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