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Dear Visitor,

Please park your vehicle at the designated (Visitor's/Contractor's) parking lot -
MSCP DECK 3/3A at the car park. For alighting of passengers or loading/unloading, vehicle is allowed to stop at the car porch for not more than 5 minutes or at the management approval timing with the driver present in the car.

1. Please do not park along the driveway.

2. Please do not park at the "Handicap" lots and No Parking" lots unless authorised to do so.

3. No overnight parking (Please inform Security / Management if you intend to park overnight upon management approval).

Vehicle is parked at the owner's risk. The Management shall not be responsible for any damage and loss suffered while the vehicle is parked within the condominium's car park. Thank you for your cooperation and have a pleasant visit.


In the event of an emergency, please proceed to the Guard House at the main entrance for assistance.


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