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Rules & Regulations on Car Park Usage: 

Car Parking is located at the basement of the development and:

1. Vehicles parked within the estate are at the sole risk of the Owners or Residents, and the Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

2. Vehicles without valid car labels should be parked in lots designated for visitors.

3. The car park has a height limit of 2.6 metres.

4. There is a speed limit of twenty (20) km/hour for vehicles moving within the estate.

5. Heavy vehicles with laden weight more than 3,501 kg are not allowed in the car park.

6. Overnight parking by visitors is strictly prohibited unless with prior written permission from the Management.

7. All motor vehicles shall be parked within the confines of a parking lot unless approval of the Management is obtained to do otherwise.

8. Vehicles parked indiscriminately or at disabled parking lot without the display of authorised Disabled label will be wheel clamped in accordance with the By-Laws of the estate without further notice.

9. Any motor vehicle without a valid car decal found parked in a designated residents car park lot (Marked in red) shall be liable to have one or more of its wheels locked by a wheel-clamping device.

10. Any motor vehicle found parked in an unauthorized parking area or not parked in a designated parking lot or in any manner which will cause obstruction and / or inconvenience to others shall be liable to have one or more of its wheels locked by a wheel-clamping device.

11. The Management, its authorized representatives or agents, shall not be liable for any damage howsoever caused to any motor vehicle which has been immobilized by its agents or anyone so authorized to do so.

12. The owner or driver of a motor vehicle immobilized as aforesaid shall pay a fee of $100 (inclusive of GST) to have the wheel-clamping device removed, failing which the vehicle shall remain immobilized until the fee of $100 (inclusive of GST) and / or any other related costs incurred have been paid in full.

13. If a motor vehicle parked in the estate, has been immobilised with the wheel-clamped device and remained parked for more than one day, the Management reserves the rights to charge an additional $50 per day (inclusive of GST) for each day the vehicle remained clamped.

14. The fee and any surcharge so incurred shall be made payable to MCST Plan No. 2948 and shall be received by its authorized representative or appointed agents.

15. Vehicle owner shall be responsible for any damages caused to the common property and bear all costs incurred by the Management for making good the common property.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 2948

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