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Parking Terms and Conditions:

1. Units with more than one vehicle shall park in the visitors' parking lots, or any lots marked "Vacant" or "Open".

2. Visitors' vehicles are allowed to park only in the
designated visitors' car park lots along the driveway or as directed by the security personnel. They are at all times strictly prohibited from entering the basement car park.

3. All vehicles parked in the building are parked at the owners' risk. The Management shall not be held liable for any theft, damage to or other misdemeanour directed at vehicles and/or their contents.

4. Please do not park along the driveway.

5. No overnight parking (Please inform Security / Management if you intend to park overnight).

6. Vehicle will be wheel clamped for indiscriminate parking within the condominium and the Management reserves the right to enforce any rules and regulations on any vehicle parked illegally within the estate.

7. Vehicle is parked at the owner's risk. The management shall not be responsible for any damage and loss suffered while the vehicle is parked within the condominium's car park. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Guard House at the main entrance.

By Order
The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 809

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