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1. Height Limit of the car park is 2.2 meters.

2. Speed Limit within the car park shall be 15km/hr. All drivers must strictly adhere to the speed limit.

Visitor and Contractor's parking is restricted to designated visitor parking lots. In the event where there are insufficient car park lots for the residents, non-residents will be requested to move their vehicle away from the estate immediately.

4. NO overnight parking is allowed unless prior written notice has been given and written approval has been obtained thereof from the Management.

5. Handicapped lot is strictly meant for vehicle bearing Handicapped Label Only.

6. All motor vehicles that are parked in the premises are at the owner's risk and the Management undertakes no responsibility and shall not be liable in any manners whatsoever for any
misdemeanour loss, theft or damages to any motor vehicles, its accessories or to the contents herein.

7. The Management shall not be liable for any damages or whatsoever caused to any vehicle immobilized by its agents or authorised agents for the breach of the House Rules of the Estate.

8. Visitor and Contractor may be required to provide photo identification to the security guards in exchange for a visitor or contractor's pass.

9. By providing the information contained to this form, you agreed and consent to the Management and its authorised representatives and/or Management Agent collecting, using and sharing the information within the context of this form.

By Order

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4722

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