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Facial Recognition

Unlock your lobby effortlessly with facial recognition technology!

iCondo is pleased to introduce this new access solution.

Residents may soon be able to enter lobby access using facial recognition.

Kindly refer to the ‘installation status’ banner to find out when it is launching at your lobby.

Please remember to head down to the management office to register for the facial recognition feature before you can unlock your lobby.

where to register?
Management Office

how to register?

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Step 1. Tap the REGISTER button on the registration device.
Step 2. Go to iCondo App and tap on the ACCESS KEY icon.

facial recognition 2.png
watch our video

Step 3. Tap on the RESIDENT QR and scan the QR on the registration device.

(place your phone 15cm distance from the device)

Wait for the registration device to capture your face.

Step 4. After your facial biometric has been captured, please approach the management team for final verification.

You will receive a notification on your iCondo App once the Management approves your application.


Upon approval, you may use Facial Recognition for seamless lobby access.

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