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Send QR Invitations to your walk-in guests

If you are expecting a visitor, we encourage you to pre-register your guests via the iCondo app to allow your guest to enjoy automated access into the estate. Your guest will receive an SMS invitation in their mobile phone.
If your guest is walking into the estate, the SMS invitation contains a QR code which can be used to enter any of the estate’s pedestrian gates on the day of their invite. Your visitor will simply scan the QR code provided on any one of the iCondo access control devices.
By sending your guest QR invites, you will no longer need to personally make the trip to the pedestrian gates to allow entry for your guests.
If your guest is driving in, and you have pre-registered their vehicle number, their vehicle will get automated access through any one of the vehicle barriers at the guardhouses. 

How do I invite my guest? 

In the iCondo app, tap on the “visitors” icon and select “invite guests” and follow the instructions on the iCondo App. Your guest will receive an SMS invite with a QR code link to facilitate seamless access.

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Guests QR Invite 2.png
Guests QR Invite 2.png
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