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Register your employees today!

Now you can register your employees (for example maids, drivers, etc)!


This will allow your employees to access side gates and lobby doors within the estate with their iCondo app.

How do I register for my employees?
Before you begin, please get ready your employee's proof of identity such as a work permit.

employee 1.png
employee 2.png

Step 1. From iCondo Homepage, tap on your avatar icon to go to the profile page

Step 2. Tap on ‘employee’ banner

Step 3. Tap ‘register an employee’ button

Step 4. Tap next to agree to the terms and conditions

employee 3.png

Step 5. Upload your employee details and tap next

Step 6. Get a verification code from your employee to verify his/her phone number


Tap next and submit!

employee 11.png

Once submitted, the application will be reflected on your profile page.

Please wait for the management team to approve your employee’s application.
Once it is approved, you will get a notification of your employee’s iCondo app login details.

My employee’s application is approved!

What should I do next?

employee 4.png
employee 10.png

Step 1. Tap on the notification or tap on the employee’s banner

Step 2. Tap to view employee’s login details*

Step 3. Input the login details in the employee’s iCondo app


Step 4. Tap to generate password details to enable the employee to log in.


*your employee expiry date will be reflected based on his/her work pass expiry date, as stated in the submitted document.

employee 6.png

Your employee may now access the iCondo App!

Employees can now use the iCondo app to open side gates and lobby doors.**

**They are not able to book facilities


**They are not able to access social features

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